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All of the drains in your home, including your kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, showers, storm drains, and everything in between all eventually merge into one place: your main sewer line. This single line connects your home to either the public sewer or your septic tank, making it one of the single most critical pieces to your entire plumbing system. While your sewer line could work flawlessly and without issue for years, there will eventually come a time when you have to replace it completely, and that’s a service that can cause all sorts of headaches and stress for homeowners.

At United Plumbing, we want to take that stress and frustration away by providing dependable and customer-first sewer line replacement services in Louisville. For over 25 years, we’ve been the most trusted name throughout Oldham County, and we haven’t taken that honor or responsibility lightly. We treat your home with the same respect and care that we would show our own homes, and that includes taking a cautious and well-educated approach for a more dependable solution. Not only do we have the best tools and training available, but we even go the extra mile to ensure that our services greatly exceed the other guys, but to make sure we stay ahead of the curve as well.

If you need your sewer line replaced, United Plumbing is the name you can trust. Call us at (502) 414-0070 today to discuss your sewer line replacement service.

Do I Need a New Sewer Line?

Can you simply repair your sewer line, or are you going to have to replace it entirely? Some sewer line issues can be resolved with nothing more than a simple repair, including tree root intrusion or sealing a small leak. In other cases, you may need to completely replace your line as simple repairs aren’t possible, or it’s simply a better option to replace the line before the problem can come back again.

You may need to replace your sewer line if:

  • Your sewer line has corroded beyond repair
  • Your sewer line has broken completely
  • Your sewer line is sagging, preventing proper sewage flow (bellying)
  • Your sewer line has collapsed or been crushed

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Believe it or not, you may not have to completely excavate your yard in order to replace your sewer line. While excavation used to be the only option in the past, today there are trenchless sewer installation or replacement options which can get the job done by only digging to small holes. The process is a pretty simple one—using a specialized tool, a winch pulls a new sewer line into place, directly replacing your old sewer line right where it stood. While it might be more expensive in some instances, this option is usually faster and doesn’t require you to completely reconstruct your yard when the project is done, unlike a traditional excavation service.

It’s important to note that not all sewer line replacements can be done with trenchless methods. In many cases, your current sewer line still needs to be in good condition and free from issues which may cause your new line to be installed incorrectly. We encourage you to ask your sewer line technician if your line can be replaced via a trenchless installation method and find out for sure if this service is right for you and your home.

When you need a new sewer line installed, contact United Plumbing and get it done by our skilled team as soon as possible!

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