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Get Rid of Hard Water with Help from a Water Softener System

If large quantities of minerals contact your potable water supply, it can result in hard water. Hard water dries out your skin and hair. Hard water also leaves behind mineral deposits in the pipes, which can eventually lead to problems. Thankfully, a water softener system can be the right tool to help. By installing a water softener, you can enjoy clean and healthy water that won’t damage your skin and hair while also minimizing the impact on plumbing fixtures.

We’re happy to help you find the most suitable design for your water treatment needs and provide a hassle-free installation process. We’ll also continue to support it through repair and maintenance services. Whether you’re looking to improve water quality or protect the plumbing, water softener service from United Plumbing Company can help. Give us a call at 502-228-1996 to learn more about water softener installation in Goshen.

Selecting the Right Water Softener System

Salt-Based (Ion Exchange) Water Softeners: The sodium ion exchange is by far the most prevalent type of water softener technique. Like we said before, salt-based water softeners use positively charged sodium ions to absorb negatively-charged hard water minerals. While highly effective, they do still require a small amount of upkeep. Maintenance is usually in the form of replacing the system’s supply of salt.

There are several salt-based systems that use a dual-tank design. Dual-tank water softeners may be a useful option if you’re concerned about the tank failing, since there’s another that can be used as a backup.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

A few water softener systems use a potassium-chloride substitute rather than the ion exchange process to resolve hard water. Salt-free systems have higher initial installation costs, but their maintenance needs are also generally lower. Before you decide, it’s essential to compare different water softeners so you know what design or features are best for you. We encourage you to reach out to review models with an experienced professional.

Other types of equipment are often labeled water softener systems despite differences in design and filtration method.

Magnetic water softener: The newest designs can prevent mineral buildup with a magnetic field surrounding the plumbing. Without the ability to bond together, the minerals simply break down in the water.

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What Is a Water Softener System?

A water softener extracts minerals from hard water. This usually means calcium and magnesium, the most common sources of scale buildup and other issues in your plumbing. The process of water softening involves a chemical reaction known as ion exchange. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hard water reaches your softener systems’ tank, coming into contact with resin beads coated with sodium ions.
  2. These beads of resin draw the negatively charged minerals toward them with a positive charge, exchanging them with the supply of sodium ions.
  3. After the hard minerals are extracted, the now-softened water is pumped from the tank to be deposited back in your plumbing system.

How Do They 'Soften' Water?

When installed correctly, water softeners keep these minerals out of your potable water supply. Now that hard water is out of the picture, you can enjoy several benefits like:


No stains on clothing or dishes

Softened water is more conducive to soap and detergent, providing cleaner dishes and laundry.


Enhanced hair and skin

Water softeners can improve hair and skin by reducing the harshness of minerals, resulting in smoother, softer, and more manageable hair and skin.


Better protected plumbing and appliances

Softened water helps reduce scale and other mineral deposits, which can prolong the life of your plumbing and appliances.

Overall, a water softener is a great investment when homeowners want to improve water quality and protect their home’s plumbing and appliances.


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