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Toilet Repair Is Quick and Efficient with United Plumbing Company

Working toilets are an essential plumbing fixture no matter where you might be. So when something breaks, an immediate response from local experts can help you avoid a lot of dirty work. The certified plumbers at United Plumbing Company are happy to handle the often unpleasant task of toilet repair in Goshen.

With extensive experience as well as the relevant qualifications and tools, letting us handle the problem means less hassle and maximum benefit. If a toilet is acting strange or failing to work properly, don’t wait to give our plumbers a call as soon as you can. Ask about a free consultation or schedule an appointment by calling 502-228-1996 today.

Have a look at a few of the most likely problems you may encounter with your toilet:

1. The Toilet Runs Constantly

Running toilets use more water, and a defective fill valve is one of the most common reasons for wasted water. This key part is supposed to make sure the water in the tank refills after every flush. After being damaged, water can fill the upper tank more slowly or not at all.

The root cause of your problem could also stem from fa damaged flush valve, which transfers stored water from the tank into the toilet bowl after you flush. When damaged, water may perpetually flow into the toilet bowl. If you neglect to replace it, you’re constantly wasting water. Our certified plumbers can quickly replace broken flush valves with a replacement.

2. Toilet Isn’t Flushing

If your toilet isn’t flushing all the way, experienced plumbers can help figure out why. A loose or broken flush handle–also known as a flapper–may be the culprit Your plumber should first check the chain linking the handle to the fill valve system for damage. We’ll also look at the nuts inside the tank in the event they’ve come loose and need tightening.

3. A Leaking Toilet

Leaks are an exceedingly common problem with plumbing. Toilets can leak in several places, but the easiest leaks to discover are usually near the water supply lines and near the bottom of the toilet. Sometimes you’ll hear dripping sounds from the top tank, which means water is flowing elsewhere. And if the toilet’s bottom starts to leak, the wax ring sealing the toilet to the bathroom floor may be why. When parts such as the wax ring or toilet flange are damaged, water is more likely to pool around the toilet’s base.

4. The Toilet Is Clogged

Like leaking, clogs are another concern everyone experiences at some point or another. Some clogs can be fixed when you have a plunger on hand, but others could be deeper in the plumbing. To completely eliminate them and check for water damage, it’s better to work with a certified plumber who should be able to spot telltale signs.

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Four Advantages of Letting Professional Handle Toilet Repair Service

It can be tempting to try DIY toilet repairs, but calling a professional plumbing service like United Plumbing Company offers advantages that are hard to pass up. Here are four benefits of calling a professional plumber in Goshen:


Faster Diagnosis

Qualified plumbers are more likely to easily recognize what’s happening to the toilet. Finding the source of the issue shouldn’t be a multi-hour affair, so we strive to find and fix toilet problems fast.


Safe, Insured Service

Toilet repairs can involve harmful substances such as wastewater or chemical residue. Our team of plumbers are trained to protect themselves and your plumbing from potential hazards including backflow.


Cost Effective

While DIY repairs may appear cheaper to start with, they could easily lead to costly mistakes that demand more professional attention compared to the initial problem. One of our plumbers can find and correct any underlying issues which may be leading to recurring problems, minimizing the need for future repairs.


Increases Efficiency

Clogged plumbing wastes water and often causes a surge in your monthly water bill. We can keep everything working together properly, and also help you find accessories or replacement equipment that may further improve your plumbing’s general efficiency.


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By trusting one of our plumbers for toilet repair in Goshen, you’re investing in lasting results and total peace of mind. Contact United Plumbing Company at 502-228-1996 to schedule an appointment.

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