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If the drains in your home or business drain slower than usual or have become completely stopped, it can be incredibly stressful. Most at-home fixes are temporary or may cause more damage to your pipes leading to even more drainage problems. Stopped pipes can lead to sewage backups inside your home or yard, which is messy and stressful. Hire a professional plumber to help clear your lines for good! Hydro jetting is the smartest choice you can make to resolve this problem.

Usually, snakes are used to clear out clogged pipes or drains. Snakes are inserted down the drain in a corkscrew pattern to help break up blockages manually so that they can flow down the pipe. Snakes can’t really get the job done completely; while they break up big blockages, smaller ones, as well as the grease that likely lines your pipe, are all left behind.

Call your Louisville drain cleaning experts at United Plumbing Company for hydro jetting service at (502) 414-0070 or contact online.

Benefits of Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is the newest technology in drain cleaning. The many advantages of hydro jettinginclude:

  • Large and small clogs can be removed with ease.
  • Minimal damage is done to the pipes.
  • The pipe can be cleaned through the entire length.
  • Grease, sludge, and tree roots can be cleared.

Hydro jetting vs Snaking

For those that have new, sturdy pipes hydro jetting is the preferred method in the hydro jetting vs snaking debate because of how much more effective it is. Snaking only clears a path as wide as the snake or auger while hydro jetting clears the whole pipe.

How To Prevent The Need For Drain Cleaning

1. Install a hair stopper in your shower drain - Our Louisville drain cleaning professionals get more calls about shower drains than any other drain. Hair stopper are pretty cheap and you'll save on drain cleaning services in no time at all.

2. Don't put cooking oil or grease into your kitchen sink - These fatty liquids have a tendency to stick to your pipes and cause all sorts of blockage when foods try to pass through. It's best to collect these oils in a milk carton so you can dispose of them easily.

3. Apply a lint catcher to your washing machine line - Washing machines get clogged too, and a lint catcher will stop anything from entering your water line that shouldn't be there.

4. Avoid putting the following foods down your garbage disposal - Coffee grounds, starchy foods, bones, fibrous vegetables or eggshells. Of course, you'll get away with it every now and then. But regularly putting these foods into your garbage disposal will lead to a visit from our Louisville drain cleaning professionals that could have been avoided.

Hydrojetting Service for Sewers & Drains

We, at United Plumbing Company, know that customers are number one. Sewer issues especially backed up drain lines, are always an emergency and you shouldn’t have to wait for regular business hours for a quality plumbing service. We offer 24-hour drain, sewer, and septic line hydro jetting to our Louisville area customers.

If you have a sewer line clog and need help now, call our 24-hour emergency helplinefor a hydro jettingservice at (502) 414-0070.

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