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Sump Pump Repair & Installation in Louisville, KY

Caring for Your Most Important Basement Appliance

Sump pumps are often forgotten until you realize how important they really are. Our team of Louisville sump pump repair and installation experts have seen this far too many times. Unfortunately, it usually takes a flooded basement for you to realize that your sump pump has malfunctioned. Your sump basin needs to constantly pump out the moisture in order for your basement to not flood. It can be one of the hardest working appliances in your home, and it is important that you take good care of it with regular maintenance and upgrades.

Call United Plumbing Company at (502) 414-0070. If you decide to go with us for your sump pump repair or installation, our Louisville plumber will waive your estimation fee!

How Long Should A Sump Pump Last?

The average pump lasts about 15 years, so if you have not had yours looked at in a while it would be a good idea to call our Louisville plumbing experts to check that everything is in working order. If your sump pump is not working properly and needs to be replaced you may notice any of the following things.

When To Replace A Sump Pump:

  • It's making strange noises
  • It won't stop running
  • It keeps turning on and off
  • It's no longer pumping out water or properly draining
  • It has begun to rust
  • It’s motor stops working
  • It becomes completely clogged or obstructed by debris
  • It won’t power on
  • It runs without any water inside the pump’s pit

Which Sump Pump Is Right For Your Home?

United Plumbing Company offers a wide range of sump pumps to choose from. Each come with their own advantages and varying components. To best determine which system is right for you and your home, we recommend consulting with a professional plumber from our Louisville sump pump installation team who can detail the aspects of each pump.

Types Of Sump Pumps:

  • Submersible sump pumps- This type of sump pump is placed down in the pit and can be completely submerged in water. A submersible sump pump automatically turns on as soon as it detects water around it, making it a more efficient choice.
  • Pedestal sump pumps- This type of sump pump includes a non-submersible motor at the top and an impeller at the base of the pedestal. Great for deeper, narrower sump pits, pedestal sump pumps are known for being more affordable than the submersible type.
  • Battery backup- Battery backup pumps use batteries if they sense that you have lost power in your home. The battery generally lasts short periods that power outages might occur, but they do often have alarms that sound when the battery is low. This is a good option for shorter periods of backup, but not long term.
  • Water powered backup- Water powered backups are a great option if you anticipate not being home for a long period of time to address any outage issues that may occur. They do not use any electrical power, but instead use water pressure to power the appliance. There is no fear of the battery dying or the power failing because there is no need for power!

Trusted Louisville Sump Pump Repairs & Installations

Our family-owned and operated plumbing company has a reputation for being honest and fair with all our customers. We charge you by the job, not the hour, so you are sure to get the fastest and best service from us. If something unexpected arises, we will be upfront with you and tell you about all your possible options. We’ll even make sure to treat your home like our own and leave it cleaner than we found it. No messes or annoyances!

Call our team for Louisville sump pump repair at United Plumbing Company today at (502) 414-0070. You’ll be delighted with United!

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